AbAutoRig Premium is Now Free

August 31st, 2016

That one script of mine that you used to have to pay for?

Well, it's now free.  That's pretty exciting, right?

Maybe you should give it a try?

abFaceRigTools Demo

September 18th, 2015

I finally did it!  A demo on how to use abFaceRigTools!

warning number one: It's way longer than it has any right to be.  I don't know how that happened, but it did.  Sorry.

warning number two: I'm terrible at making videos.  Which might have something to do with warning number one.  Sorry (again).

Anyway, dubious presentation aside, I think there's some good info in there.  If you've been wondering how to use abFaceRigTools, this is probably the best way to learn!

New Host

November 13th, 2014

The site's back up after transitioning to a new host.  The entire process was entirely too painless, so something must be broken.

I'm not a pessimist.  Really, I'm not.  (You don't believe me, do you?)

Anyway, I haven't come across any issues yet, but please let me know if you do.


March 4th, 2014

A set of tools that help you create complex joint based facial rigs.  Currently requires (and is included for free with) abAutoRig Premium.

  • Quickly build and mirror face rig Weight Joints and controls .
  • Easily create complex multi-driver SDKs.
  • multi-driver SDKs don't need to be zeroed to set new keys (allowing you to better tweak how SDKs interact).
  • Mirror SDKs.
  • Built to integrate with abAutoRig rigs (including support for Simple Skeletons).
  • More, more, more!
  • some other stuff.
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abAutoRig II

March 4th, 2012

AbAutoRig version 2 is now available! You download it here.

It's full of new features and improvements to the original, including:

  • Face rigging tools are now included (as of version 6.4).
  • FK/IK Toes (as of version 6.3).
  • Ability to create simple hierarchical skeletons (Simple Skeleton, sometimes known as a shadow skeleton) that can be used to import your animation into various game engines (as of version 6.2).
  • A ribbon spine (new as of version 5.5).
  • A jaw (as of version 5.4) which gets rigged along with the head.
  • A new system of arm and leg joints, which allow for a no-flip shoulder (really!).
  • Manual override for forearm and lower leg twist.
  • Ability to specify up to six split joints for each limb section (upArm, foreArm, upLeg, and lowLeg).
  • The number of split joints can be adjusted after the skeleton has been created.
  • Individual FK controls for each finger joint that blend with the existing finger control attributes.
  • The ability to pose multiple finger joints via simple movement and rotation of master finger controls.
  • A new master spine control which allows you to pose complex spines quickly.
  • Improved control curves (CV hardness is now captured; wireReplacer works with multiple curve selections, and now has draggable curve rotation fields).
  • Arm, leg, and head align attributes and IK/FK spine attributes are now float values (instead of booleans), and can be smoothly blended.
  • Improved arm IK/FK setup and improved IK/FK switcher.
  • Improved default rotation orders on important controls.
  • Rig options (spine joint number, finger IK, align hands to world) are now saved to the skeleton when the rig is created and retained when the rig is removed and re-applied.
  • And much more!
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Skating Away

June 16th, 2011

My Animation Mentor short film.

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