abAutoRig http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173 Comments on Supercrumbly entry “abAutoRig” en-us Wed, 06 Jun 2007 01:03:28 -0400 daily 1 Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment1165 crumbly Tue, 13 Jan 2015 12:15:00 -0500 Hey Milo,

First thing I'd suggest is that you make sure you have the latest version of the script.  You can get it here, if you don't have it already.

If you still encounter the same issues after updating, feel free to send me a file with the proxy in it.  I'll be happy to take a look and see what I can find.

Comment on abAutoRig by Milo http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment1164 Milo Sun, 11 Jan 2015 17:27:33 -0500 When i try to create the skeleton after setting up the proxy it only makes half the skeleton. The right side arm and leg are missing. Any trouble shooting tips? Im using autorig2 v3 Ibelieve

Comment on abAutoRig by 3dtilo http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment1126 3dtilo Mon, 22 Apr 2013 23:31:33 -0400 thank you, im going to try it to purchase later

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment1125 crumbly Sun, 21 Apr 2013 23:52:01 -0400 Hey 3dtilo,

I just updated the latest version of the script (abAutoRig II) to fix this issue.  You can find the latest version here.

Comment on abAutoRig by 3dtilo http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment1124 3dtilo Sat, 20 Apr 2013 21:40:17 -0400 hi crumbly, i wanna buy your script, but it doesn't work in maya 2014, when i want create the legs the script crash

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment1104 crumbly Sat, 27 Oct 2012 00:21:29 -0400 Hey KingJulien,

I'm going to assume that you're using the latest version of the script, abAutoRig II.  If not, let me know.  I just want to make sure because this page is for the original version of the script (which shouldn't have the issue that you're describing since it had a much simpler arm and leg setup).  You can find the page for the newer version here.

It sounds like you're using a weight joint to drive your blendshape.  If so, you'll want to switch the driver to the respective upArm_jnt instead (e.g. use "charName_rt_upArm_jnt" instead of "charName_rt_upArmWeight_jnt").  It should give you the correct rotation values regardless of how the Master Control is rotated.

Comment on abAutoRig by KingJulien http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment1103 KingJulien Thu, 25 Oct 2012 01:49:54 -0400 Hey Crumbly! I have a question on a problem that im facing with my corrective blendshape. I have corrective blendshape on my shoulder and driven key were set. the problem now is, whenever i rotate my Master Control, the shoulder joint will have rotation value (since it's parent contrained i suppose) and my corrective blendshape are activated.

Is there a solution for this?  Thank you =)

Comment on abAutoRig by James http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment1037 James Sat, 02 Jun 2012 16:59:53 -0400 Hey Crumbly,    I just started checking out your auto-rigger and love it, Thank You, huge time saver!!!

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment1014 crumbly Tue, 20 Mar 2012 17:31:57 -0400 Hi Anna,

I'm out of the country until the 30th of March with no access to Maya.  I haven't come across this issue before so I'm not sure what's going wrong, but I promise to investigate upon when I return (and my brain is up to it).

Comment on abAutoRig by Anna http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment1012 Anna Sun, 18 Mar 2012 20:52:03 -0400 Hello Crumbly, Awesome Rig! Though Im having a problem where both the lf_knee_line_loc and  rt_knee_line_loc stopped following the rig  after I've put animation on the rig. I move around the root control and they stay in one place. I curious what could be going wrong? Thanks!

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment999 crumbly Sun, 04 Mar 2012 23:32:09 -0500 Hey Everyone,

The new version of abAutoRig is finally available!  You can get it here.

Comment on abAutoRig by Wayne http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment998 Wayne Fri, 17 Feb 2012 02:14:55 -0500 Excellent, that seems to have done the trick!! Dont know why I didn't spot that sooner


Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment997 crumbly Thu, 16 Feb 2012 22:23:40 -0500 Hey Wayne,

Have you tried removing the entire rig?  There's a built in Rig Remover, which you can find under the Tools menu in the script UI.

Let me know if that doesn't do what you're looking for.

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment996 crumbly Thu, 16 Feb 2012 22:15:37 -0500 Sorry I haven't gotten back to you guys sooner.  I've been sort of single mindedly updating the backend of this site in preparation for the new version of abAutoRig.

Tom:  More modular is a good idea, and the script started off that way.  So, it might not be too difficult to do some of what you suggest, especially rigging standalone arms and legs.  Adapting it to rig more than two arms per character would probably mostly be a a naming issue (and overlap).

You can currently rig arms and legs individually by disabling the rig mirror limbs option in the Options menu.  I've never tried it on a character with one leg, though.  I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't work (not that Maya needs one :) ).

Droo:  I'll have to check out the stretch for myself, because it shouldn't be working that way in full IK.

Your first post inspired me to parent the spine controls to the COG in FK mode, which I now realize makes more sense than switching them to rootSpace.  As for your modified rig, I'd love to check it out.  Definitely send a copy my way when you get the chance.

I'm not planning any updates to the current version of the script.  The new version will completely replace it.  And it's almost ready.  I just have to decide which features are premium-worthy, and then split it into two versions (premium and free).

Comment on abAutoRig by Wayne http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment995 Wayne Thu, 16 Feb 2012 19:41:24 -0500 Hey fantastic rig man been using for over a year now, massive time saver!! ....always use it when I need to rig a charater. Big Thanks!!!

I've recently been exporting to a game engine and I need to bake the animation on the rig and strip any thing out thats not needed. So essentially I'm looking to export the most basic joint hierachy.

So as your probably already aware I've ran into a few problems when trying to strip joints out. The biggest issue I'm having is with the fk & IK arms. I bake out the animation on the upArm joint and elbow joint so in thery I can delete the respective IK & FK arm joints. But when I delete either of them the arm shrinks down which screws things up. Is there any way I can delete these and still maintain the arm length?

Thanks for you time

Comment on abAutoRig by Droo http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment994 Droo Thu, 09 Feb 2012 12:02:54 -0500 Small update: I've played around with the rig, removing some parent constraints and adding new and I think I got what I was looking for with the spine. I noticed that what "Use Root Space" attr was doing, was switching the parent constraint from the "space_switch_grp" of one part of spine to the root's. So what works best for me is parent-constraining the hiSpineCtrl_space_grp and hipCtrl_space_grp to cogCtrl (instead of root), the lowSpineCtrl_space_grp to the hipCtrl, and then for the midSpineCtrl, I parent-constrained it to both the hiSpineCtrl, and hipCtrl, so it always stays between them, but the additional control in it remains. That way the cogCtrl moves the whole upper-body, but each of the spineCtrls controls the spine individually as IK. I move the whole hips with lower-spine with the hipCtrl only, because the spineLowCtrl is parented to it, but still has additional rotations for fine-tuning. So in effect I use mostly the HiSpineCtrl and hipCtrl for animating the spine which makes things much simpler, but still have all the aditional control from these other controls in there. Works like a charm (at least for me, although I understand that everyone can have a different workflow :) ). I hope that makes sense. I could even send you the maya scene with the modified rig to show what I mean. I personally find it much easier to pose and cleaner in Graph Editor to animate (as opposed to fk spine where you have to counter-animate upper parts). Maybe its worth adding to the rig functionality for everyone :) Let me know if you're interested in looking into it at all, no pressure :) Cheers

Comment on abAutoRig by Droo http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment993 Droo Thu, 09 Feb 2012 08:38:40 -0500 Hey Crumbly Great to hear about upcoming update. Thanks for answering my questions. I have been playing around with the rig for a while now, and tested them out with some simple walkcycles.

Anyways I noticed another problem with the rig, and Im not sure if it isnt just me. Its about the stretch attribute on IK legs and arms. When I do a walk-cycle, I usually get to the point where my legs start popping (in the point when they change from stretched to bent and vice-versa), and I usually fix it with the stretch attribute, so the change is less poppy. But in your rig when I use "Leg Stretch" attribute on the foot ctrl, the foot doesn't stay in place, where the IK handle is, but they stretch beyond the point, until I move the timeline or move the heel_ik_ctrl, when they snap back in place. Which in effect makes it hard to see how much they are stretched, because its not updated in real-time. Is it a normal behavior, or just happening to me?

Also about my spine problems. I tested it out a bit, so I have some more thoughts about it. When I set the "Use root space" to "on", it changes to IK, so some of the behavior is what I'm looking for, but the problem then is that they always stay in place, so when doing a walkcycle for example, I'd have to make sure that they all have the same translations. What I would be looking for is to make them stay with the main cog_ctrl (be parented to it for example), but don't affect each other when moving around. For translating the upper-body I would only use the cog ctrl, but would be able to have nice rotations on the hips, and counter-rotations on the shoulders, without having to counter-animate the shoulders, when the hips are rotated (which is what happens when its set to regular FK mode). For the same reason I always have the "align" attribute on arms and head to "on", so that I have more control on the curves, and I don't have to counter-animate any rotations. In the spine case, the only ctrl that I would expect to get affected by moving the upper-body, and hips ctrl, would be the middle one, which would always stay in-between them  (something like the spineShaper_ctrl right now), but could also be moved around further for finer tweaks. In this case the hips ctrl and spine low, could be just one control, or the spine_low could move with/be parented to the hips control. It just seems a bit over-complicated right now, with so many controls :)

Sorry for whining so much, just wanted to leave some thoughts I had on the rig. It's pretty great nevertheless, so keep up the awesome job and thanks for sharing this tool, you must have put so much work into. There is so much more things that I like about it, I only write about those that I have hard time adjusting to :)

Cheers, Droo

Comment on abAutoRig by Manu http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment992 Manu Mon, 06 Feb 2012 05:27:00 -0500 I don't know what to say... this is just awesome. Thank you so much for this time-saver!

Comment on abAutoRig by Tom http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment991 Tom Sat, 21 Jan 2012 14:11:28 -0500 Hi,

It's a really brilliant script :). I have some suggestions, dont know if some of it is possible already (hidden away somewhere?)

The possibility to create 0-4 legs / arms. If more than two isnt possible, then the ability to create 0-2, would be nice also. And really nice if you could add more afterwards.

Be able to create just arms or legs. Without the other setup. Maybe with a top group, which you can group under existing rigs? Eg if you want to make a strange blob with only arms. :) Or a biped without arms or legs. In general perhaps make the rigger, more modular?

Other limbs. Such as tails, wings, antennas etc.

Perhaps for another script? Have the ability to do mechanical rigging. Pistons, wheels, threads etc.

Hope you continue your awsome work!



Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment990 crumbly Fri, 20 Jan 2012 16:37:12 -0500 Hey Droo,

I forgot to mention that the spineShaper is essentially a container for various rig settings.  It wasn't always, which is the reason for its incongruous name and position.

In the new version of the script it sits next to the root_ctrl and has been renamed "rigSettings_ctrl".

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment989 crumbly Fri, 20 Jan 2012 15:18:01 -0500 Hey Droo,

It's true that you can unlock some of the proxy control channels and not incur too many issues.  If you've created your skeleton with a rotated knee, though, you'll probably find that the snapToPv attribute (when enabled) doesn't snap the knee exactly to the PV control's location.  It gets close, but it sort of floats as you drag the PV_ctrl around the modelView.  I'd guess that most people will never use the snapToPV feature, so it's probably not that big of a deal.  But it still bugs me that it breaks like that.  And that's why I lock those channels.

The spine is a single IK spline to which the weight joints are bound, and which itself is manipulated by the spine controls (via parented clusters -- one for each interior cv on the spline curve).  To use it as an IK spine you have to enable the useRootSpace attribute on each of the spine controls, which basically puts them into rootCtrl space.

I'm just finishing up a huge update to the script, which should address both of your concerns.  The new version allows you to rotate knees, elbows, feet, and hands in the proxy.  When you skeletonize it, those rotations are saved in the skeleton, which is created in a standard T-pose.  You then rig your character in the T-pose, and when you're ready to bind your mesh, you can click "Recall Proxy Pose" in the Tools menu.  The rigged character assumes the proxy pose and you can attach your mesh (I need to find out when the ability to bind in non-creation poses was added to Maya -- I think it was version 8 or 9).

As for the other issue, useRootSpace (and the align attribute on the arms, legs and head, FWIW) are now floating point values that blend smoothly between one and zero (they used to be booleans --on or off).  I'll see about parenting the spine controls in FK mode to the COG_ctrl.  Maybe I can make that an option.  That should make it feel pretty close to what you're looking for.

Comment on abAutoRig by Droo http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment988 Droo Fri, 20 Jan 2012 12:29:10 -0500 Hi Crumbly First of all, thanks for this tool, I find it very usefull and very well done. I've been using The Setup Machine so far for rigging my characters, but was looking form something lighter and more animator-friendly. Your rig does all that, and some controls are very similar to those in AM (which I finished a year ago), so it's a nice surprise to see something that familiar.

I have some questions, though. First thing I found quite confusing was the fact, that you cannot rotate the leg in proxy skeleton (or move the foot/knee in x), because these attributes are locked. Most of the models I worked on dont have straight vertical legs. But I found out here that it's ok to unlock these attributes and move the proxy anyways. I just think you could mention it in the instructions above, because I wasn't sure if its ok to unlock these and move around withouth the rig breaking.

The second thing, and my main concern is the spine - I find it difficult to work with the way it is by default, and Im not sure how to work around this. Is there any way to switch between ik and fk for the spine, or is it just a hybrid? I'm pretty sure Im missing something because when it is created there is a second ik-spline spine underneath but it doesnt affect the rig in any way. Same goes for the spineShaper_ctrl (it moves around the ik spline, but it does nothing to the rig). What am I missing here? I'm looking for an IK spine, where I could move the top part and the bottom part seperately, shaping the middle with the middle control. But where I could also move the whole upper body with the cog ctrl.

Anyways, Thanks for sharing such a great tool for rigging

Cheers, Droo

Comment on abAutoRig by flo http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment986 flo Tue, 03 Jan 2012 09:10:03 -0500 First in 2012... Great Tool! It's really a time saver. Looking forward to test the update! cheers, flo

Comment on abAutoRig by Tal http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment984 Tal Sat, 17 Dec 2011 12:01:29 -0500 That would be great!!!

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment983 crumbly Fri, 16 Dec 2011 18:05:31 -0500 Hey Tal,

I'm sure there's a way to fix it, and I'll take another look to see if there's not something simple that I'm overlooking.

The skeleton on the new rig is very similar the original.  The difference is that there are separate split, up, mid, and down joints for the limbs which sit on top of the base skeleton's up/mid/down joint hierarchy.  It's similar to the way the spine is set up, and it allows for all kinds of flexibility in rotating joints that the earlier rig just didn't have.

As long as your corrective blends are driven by non-split joints in your skeleton (as opposed to control rotations or other inputs connected to the rig), you shouldn't have a problem.  All of the existing joints, except for splits, remain unchanged.  They're just no longer bound to a skinCluster.

Also, I've just finished a tool that automates the process of moving to the new limb structure.  It also takes care of copying the weights from the old to the new joints on your bound meshes, which makes the process pretty simple (assuming it continues to work as well as it has in my tests).

Comment on abAutoRig by Tal http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment982 Tal Fri, 16 Dec 2011 02:10:45 -0500 Hi Crumbly,

Thanks for getting back to me, I am looking forward to the update. From what I understood you are saying there is no way to fix the curent problem, right? I have spent a lot of time doing corrective blendshapes and setting up the deformation, so it would be hard to redo it. Is there no fix at all? thanks again for taking the time!!

Cheers, Tal

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment981 crumbly Tue, 13 Dec 2011 01:46:27 -0500 Hey Tal,

I've been working on a pretty huge update to the script for a while now, and in it I've addressed the issue you mentioned (and in the process made some really significant improvements to the shoulder setup).  Unfortunately, I can't easily retrofit it onto the existing script, so you'll have to wait for the new version.

I plan to release it in two versions: one free with all of the features of current rig (plus lots of improvements) and a paid version (probably about $20 or so) with a few more advanced features, like the option for many more spine controls, multiple neck joints, a mirror pose tool, more hand control options, a character marking menu, and a bunch of other stuff.

I'm almost done with it, but I'd like to do a bit more testing before I release it.  It should be within a couple of weeks or so.

Thanks for the feedback.  I'll send you a copy of the new version when (maybe a bit before) it's ready.

Comment on abAutoRig by Tal http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment980 Tal Tue, 06 Dec 2011 02:02:58 -0500 Thanks man, that would be amazing!!!!!

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment979 crumbly Mon, 05 Dec 2011 17:53:19 -0500 Hey Tal,

Thanks!  I see what you mean.  There seems to be some other weirdness with the rotations on those upArm joints, too.  I'll see what I can do.

Comment on abAutoRig by Tal http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment978 Tal Sun, 04 Dec 2011 01:39:01 -0500 Hi,

The rig is fantastic, I really enjoy using it. I ran into one problem and can't find a way to fix it. When I turn align on for the upper part of the arms, so it doesn't move with the shoulder I get this odd rotation on the RY channel on the joint of the arm and it causes odd deformation in the skinning. It only happend when the align is turned on. Any idea on how to fix this? it the only thing giving me problem.

Cheers, Tal

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment977 crumbly Fri, 28 Oct 2011 13:11:48 -0400 Hey Arthur,

The first error code that you received was the result of an errant parenthesis at the beginning of the statement (it should start with "source" instead of "(source").

As for your second post, make sure that you start (or restart) Maya after placing the script in the correct directory (you can also enter and run "hash" in the Script Editor or commandLine).  If, after that, you continue to get the same error, you'll need to do whatever troubleshooting it takes to make sure that the folder is actually a script directory (in your scripts path).  

Could you have mistakenly placed it in an script folder from another install of Maya?

Good Luck!

Comment on abAutoRig by Arthur Cavalcante http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment976 Arthur Cavalcante Thu, 27 Oct 2011 14:16:26 -0400 Hey Crumbly,

It's me again. Another massege is

source abAutoRig.mel;abAutoRig; // Error: source abAutoRig.mel;abAutoRig; // // Error: Cannot find file "abAutoRig.mel" for source statement. //

Comment on abAutoRig by Arthur Cavalcante http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment975 Arthur Cavalcante Thu, 27 Oct 2011 14:11:19 -0400 Hey Crumbly,

I need help to simply run the script. When I go to script editor -> load script -> and make a shelf from the code, nothing happens (I click on the shelf but nothing happens - I'm using Maya 2011). I put the script at Documents -> Maya -> Scripts. So, I came here to the site and found the instructions above (source abAutoRig.mel;abAutoRig;), but when I write, the message is

// Error: (source abAutoRig.mel;abAutoRig; // // Error: Syntax error //

Could you help me on this one?


Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment969 crumbly Mon, 08 Aug 2011 16:44:31 -0400 Hey Scabyx,

I'm not sure what you mean?  Do you mean that you want it contained in a .mel file separate from the autoRig.mel?  Or that you want it broken out as sort of a universal IK/FK snapping script that could work on other rigs?

Or maybe none of the above?

Comment on abAutoRig by Scabyx http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment968 Scabyx Tue, 02 Aug 2011 02:46:07 -0400 Hey Crumbly Master,

Long time not chatting here, i was busy with my tasks. But since i have a little freetime, i want ask a simple question.

Is it possible, to make the IKFK snap UI and function independent from the autorig script?

Thats it for now, and have a nice day.


Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment967 crumbly Wed, 29 Jun 2011 18:23:57 -0400 Hey SamSAm,

Thanks!  The rig doesn't use any set driven keys, though in the case of the master fist attribute there are related scalar atts (I believe; I'm not looking at it at the moment) that allow you to set the amount each finger curls relative to the master fist attribute.  Not the same as SDKs, I know.  You can add custom attributes that would do exactly what you want, but they would be lost if you remove and rebuild the rig (which might not be an issue).

Currently, I'm not actively developing the script, and really haven't been for a while.  I feel like it's mostly where I want it to be.  I do update with bugfixes and for new Maya releases (when I get them), though.

I can't say that won't change, especially if I start working on another short.  But as of now I don't have any big plans for the script.

Comment on abAutoRig by SamSAm http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment966 SamSAm Sun, 26 Jun 2011 07:27:55 -0400 Hello, Thank you for your abAutoRig tool, it's amazing. I have some basic questions if you don't mind: Can we customize the control in the channel box to fit our character, for example the master fist need to be tweaked to give our character a perfect fist pose? is it done with set driven keys?   Another autorig tool have a handy function for that where you select the attribute you want to tweak, move your joint, then click on a fit button to set the new positions of the joint as default one.

Can we easily add custom attributes,  without breaking the rig?

Are you planning to integrate new features or even to propose an advanced (paid ?) version.  

Thank you, your work is really appreciated.

Comment on abAutoRig by Michele http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment962 Michele Fri, 24 Jun 2011 05:23:23 -0400 Well what to say, I am speechless! Your support is important, thank you! Now we will update the pipeline and I will use the functions that I have explained. You were kind and I will not hesitate to write more these days! Thanks again!

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment961 crumbly Thu, 23 Jun 2011 14:58:23 -0400 Michele,

Just to let you know, that functionality is already in the script.  Select a control curve on the character whose wires you want to save, and click the Tools > Save Wires To Shelf menu item.  You'll get a shelf button which you can then click to restore the control curves on the selected character.

I just updated the wire restore function in the most recent version (3.3) of the script so that it should now work across differently named characters.

Comment on abAutoRig by Michele http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment960 Michele Thu, 23 Jun 2011 06:34:59 -0400 I really appreciate the fast response and are flattered that you like my site and my work! I launched the process and I will return one row with all the control names. One thing I do now and try to write a procedure that stores the positions of the vertices of each shape controls so you do not have to readjust all forms of shape control in the event that you must recreate a part of the setup such as spine or legs. Thanks again, I love working with people who have a high level of professionalism! Have a nice day!

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment959 crumbly Wed, 22 Jun 2011 23:57:47 -0400 Hi Michele,

Yes, there is a way (buried in all those lines of mel) to select all of the controls on a character.  As I looked through the script, I discovered that I actually had two functions that did the same thing.  I'll remove one in the next version, and stick with the proc named abRTGetRigGrpCtrlCurves.  It takes the name of a rig group (the null that contains the rig -- something like "charName_rig_grp") in the current scene as its only argument.

I've also got a function that determines the rig group based on the currently selected control curves.  If you expect to have at least one control curve selected on a character you can use the following mel to get all of that character's control curves:


Hope that helps.

By the way, I love the image on the front page of your website.  Beautiful work.

Comment on abAutoRig by Michele http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment958 Michele Wed, 22 Jun 2011 06:48:11 -0400 Hello, congratulations for the automated setup works fine and is definitely the best around. I would like to know if there is a command that allows the "Select_All_Controls" or simply just trying to do a select "_ctrl *" so you can create a set for the selection of all the controls. If there were possibly already be edited to add additional controls to the list? Thank you for your future answer! I am a rigger and I like your autorig because it is the most functional and editable!

Comment on abAutoRig by Josh Yoder http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment956 Josh Yoder Mon, 06 Jun 2011 15:16:20 -0400 Was just stopping by to see if you had posted any updates. Thanks for fixing the wire replacer! Most of the default wires work fine, but I like to customize the root control for each of my characters. It was getting annoying not being able to fix them ;)

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment954 crumbly Tue, 05 Apr 2011 01:17:19 -0400 Hey Giovanni,

You should have a "root" (or maybe "rootCon" -- can't remember which atm) space attribute on the IK controls which should, by default, be the only space attribute that is set to one.  If your PV and IK controls don't have this attribute (or if they do and it doesn't seem to have any effect) then what might have happened is one of three things:

  • You created the rig for the affected limbs out of order, or
  • You removed the rig for the spine and rebuilt it without rebuilding the rig for affected limbs, or
  • Something completely different.

Try removing the entire rig with the rigRemover in the "Tools" menu and then rebuilding it making sure that you move through the tabs ("spine", "head", "legs" etc) from left to right.

Let me know if that doesn't work for you.

Comment on abAutoRig by Giovanni http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment953 Giovanni Sat, 02 Apr 2011 19:07:29 -0400 Hi Crumbly, very nice script..just the ik arm controls and pole vectors don't follow the main control.. how can I fix it?

Comment on abAutoRig by halu1987 http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment952 halu1987 Tue, 29 Mar 2011 02:51:22 -0400 Hey Crumbly,   thanks for your great script, I just add ribbon system to the forearm to simulate the real arm rotate,and it works pretty well .

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment951 crumbly Thu, 17 Mar 2011 11:28:24 -0400 Hey Shandy,

No, you shouldn't have to redo your rig setup.  It should be fine.

Comment on abAutoRig by Shandy http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment950 Shandy Thu, 17 Mar 2011 04:12:21 -0400 Hey Crumbly,

It works now!, do I have to redo my whole Rig Set up again for it to work?

Or would there be problems in the future??

Appreciate your super fast and reliable service!

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment949 crumbly Wed, 16 Mar 2011 20:39:57 -0400 Hey Shandy,

I just uploaded version 3.11, which has the fixes that address the Wire Replace UI issue.

That should work for you, let me know if it doesn't.

Comment on abAutoRig by Shandy http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment948 Shandy Wed, 16 Mar 2011 05:45:12 -0400 Sorry for not specifying in my earlier post, but i was trying to figure out the Wire Replacer tool, and I got that same error, user Carmine had, too.

Thanks Shandy

Comment on abAutoRig by Shandy http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment947 Shandy Wed, 16 Mar 2011 05:36:38 -0400 Hey Crumbly,

You mentioned before to another fellow user of this AutoRig regarding "// Error: Controls must have a layout.  No layout found in window :"

I can't get it to work either... and I'm using Maya 2011. I don't understand what it means. Please let me know! I tried your suggestions except the "toggling shelf on/off" i don't know what that means!


Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment943 crumbly Tue, 01 Feb 2011 12:25:20 -0500 Hey CG,

I just checked it out and it's working for me, so I'm not sure what's going on.  There's no x rotation on the split joints when you rotate the wrist?  Hmmmm...

Two things you might want to take a look at:

  1. Use the "Select Weight Joints" tool in the "Tools" menu to make sure that your mesh is bound to the correct joints (it probably is), and...

  2. Check the rotate scalar values on the spineSplitRot control (the octagonal wire next to the mid spine control curve) and make sure that they're not set to 0.  These values determine how much of the target joint rotation (elbow for uparm, wrist for forearm) is carried by the split joints.

Feel free to send me your rigged skeleton and I can take a look at it.

Comment on abAutoRig by GG http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment942 GG Tue, 01 Feb 2011 11:31:12 -0500 Hi ! I'm giving this rig another go now, and the only problem I'm having is related to the wrists. The forearm split joint isn't doing it's share of the rotation, so, the classic issue with the wrist collapsing on itself. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Many thanks! GG

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment896 crumbly Wed, 25 Aug 2010 14:26:04 -0400 GG:  I apologize for not responding early to your post, but I haven't switched over to 2011 yet.  It seems strange that you wouldn't be able to set weights on a joint that's part of a skinCluster just because it's not inline.  Maybe there's an option in the Interactive Bind tool that enables/disables that ability.  Or you could add the joint as an influence and see if that works.

Of course, you probably solved your problem months ago.

Gregory:  I don't have 2010 installed at the moment, and I haven't tested it, but the script works in 2009 and 2011, so I assume it works in 2010 as well.  You don't have to make a skeleton, the script will do that for you.  Make sure that abAutoRig.mel is in your scriptPath (best to put it in mayaVer/scripts), that you restart Maya (or enter "rehash" in the mel command line), and that you source and run the script as described at the top of this page.

sean:  Thanks!  The options on the spine are limited, so at the moment, no, you can't build it with a purely FK setup.  Motion capture is not something I've ever used so I've never really even thought about adding it.

Honestly, It's been a while since I've added any new features to the script.  I'll still fix any bugs that people find, and at some point I might add some or all of those features I've been playing around with, but for now it's pretty much on my back-burner.

Comment on abAutoRig by sean http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment895 sean Tue, 24 Aug 2010 12:14:05 -0400 hi, i have been using your rig for a while now.  I love it! i was wondering if there is anyway to create spines with no constraints and just a default FK with motionbuilder namings.  I am just trying to test this rig with some motioncapture data.  If not, are you planning to make some options for it?


Comment on abAutoRig by Gregory http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment894 Gregory Tue, 24 Aug 2010 01:18:22 -0400 I'm new using the free auto rig you have. I just can't get the script to work for my maya. Do I need to first create half skeleton rig then type in the mel script to get option menus to appear on my screen? I don't know whats going but I need some help please. When you have some free time can you email me?

Oh yeah I'm running Maya 2010 just to let you know


Comment on abAutoRig by GG http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment874 GG Thu, 08 Jul 2010 10:08:20 -0400 Hi!

Many thanks for this script. But I've encountered a problem when skinning the forearm. I have a split forearm joint, but Maya's (2011) Interactive Bind tool doesn't allow me to set the weights of the lower joint. I suspect it's because it's not inline... In any case, I've tried many different ways and the second forearm joint just doesn't get any weight. Do you have any ideas? Thanks!

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment870 crumbly Thu, 24 Jun 2010 06:04:15 -0400 Hey Mayamak,

Thanks, and I agree, a simplified squash setup would be a nice feature.  It's next on my list (along with a bunch of other features) but requires some other changes to the base rig first.  And honestly I haven't worked on the script for a while (except for bug fixes).

I hope to get some time to do so soon.

Comment on abAutoRig by Mayamak http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment862 Mayamak Sun, 13 Jun 2010 11:41:06 -0400 Hi,

Very nice script. Well done!

I would like to propose one option. When you have Stretchy IK/FK legs and arms, you can add squash option in Z and X axis and add window to choose % of squash the bones.

Streching is ok, but it works perfect when something is also squashing.

Like animators says "Squash & Streach - principles of aniation"

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment846 crumbly Fri, 28 May 2010 15:42:50 -0400 Hey Carmine,

Sometimes this happens when your shelf is hidden.  Try toggling it on if it's currently off.  If that doesn't work, try disabling the "Autosave Skeleton on Build" menu item in the skeletonMaker window.

Otherwise I haven't really done more than a cursory check of the script in 2011.  I hope to switch over (and update my scripts that need it) soon.

Comment on abAutoRig by Carmine http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment845 Carmine Tue, 25 May 2010 10:09:24 -0400 Hey Crumbly,

I'm trying to use your Rig in Maya 2011 on 32bit XP.  After placing my proxy skel the way I want it, I hit the Build Skeleton button and get this message from Maya:

// Error: Controls must have a layout.  No layout found in window : //

Please let me know if you're aware of how to fix this!  Thanks.

Comment on abAutoRig by prajain http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment844 prajain Fri, 21 May 2010 14:32:47 -0400 thanks alot. That was rily helpful.

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment843 crumbly Fri, 21 May 2010 13:30:54 -0400 Hey prajain,

Thanks, I'm glad you like the rig.  Here are the short answers to your questions regarding the rig (I hope to get some video demonstrations up shortly for this and a few of my other scripts):

Use Root Space on the COG control: If enabled, your COG won't move with the root control (rootCon).

Align Options: If enabled, the chosen control (head or wrists) will maintain the same orientation regardless of movement of the joints above it.

Rotation Order: This is mostly just a convenience.  Occasionally you might need to switch the rotation order on a control if you're moving in ways that aren't typical.  Rotation Order determines which axes move independently and which move with others.  The last axis is the one that moves the other two, so if your Rotation Order is XYZ, Y and X will rotate when you rotate Z, and X will rotate when you rotate Y.

Note that there's also a Change Rotation Order Tool, which will change the Rotation Order on animations without having to go back and tweak every keyframe.

Thumb Fist Damp: Reduces the amount of curl on the thumb when you adjust the Master Fist attribute.

IK/FK Snap Button: Snaps your character's IK leg or arm to the position of the FK leg or arm (or vice versa).  Useful when switching between the two in an animation.

Space Switch Matcher: If you have a frame where you switch a control into a different space (hand IK into HeadSpace from RootSpace, say) this script allows you to copy the position in one space, and match it in another (so you could copy the position of the hand when it's in HeadSpace, move to the frame where it switches to HeadSpace, hit paste, and it will be in the same position it was before).

Reverse Right Curl: This is used in setting up the hands.  If you find that the right hand is curling in the opposite way when you adjust attributes than the left, you can remove the rig, enable this and set it up again.  Shouldn't be too much of an issue now.  I think the joint orientations are more predictable in newer versions.

And yes, you can disable the stretch functions if you want, just set the Stretchy Leg and Stretchy Arm attributes to 0.

Comment on abAutoRig by prajain http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment838 prajain Wed, 19 May 2010 06:30:45 -0400 Hey Crumbly, this autorig of yours is a blessing for newbies in this field like me, im a student n everyday i play with ur rig i find new features that jsut help make wrk so fast. Thanks alot for this great autorig, it is definitely the best ive found and u sharing it for free is even the greatest part. But hey like i said im a newbie and ive tried hard to research wat all people here are talking about the rig n figure out hw to use waht, im still confused bout some options n functions, wat are they meat for and wat are their practical uses while animating, U see ill b starting to learn animtion soon so i thot if i knew the irg propelry i wouldnt miss out on any use of the rig just cuz i dint knw wat it was for. I knw this question doesnt add anything fr the rig bt i wud b grateful if u can teach me. Here are the functions i wanted to knw bout -

use root space on the cog cntrl. align options, rotation order, thumb fist damp, the ik fk snap button the space switch maker hand options - reverse right curl.

Also i wanted to know if there is a way to use ur rig without the stretch functions, like for a realistic human charcter. SORRY i knw the questions are very basic. THANKS alot in advance

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment837 crumbly Mon, 19 Apr 2010 10:59:58 -0400 Hey Giap,

There's an option in the SkeletonMaker UI named "Autosave Skeleton on Build" which is enabled by default.  Uncheck it and the shelfButtons will no longer be created when you skeletonize a proxy.

If you want that menu item to be disabled by default you can do a search in script for the following string:

$abRTGlobalPrefNames[68] = "autoSaveSkeleton";$abRTGlobalPrefs[68] =

Once you've found it, replace the 1 in quotes at the end of the line with a 0 (keep the quotes).  The next time you start Maya that option will be disabled.

Comment on abAutoRig by Giap http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment836 Giap Mon, 19 Apr 2010 04:41:43 -0400 Fantastic autoRig you have created there. One minor thing, every time I click Build Skeleton in the abSkeletonMaker, it creates a shelf button as well. I didn't notice it the first time, so I tried to create a few time to understand everything that the autoRig offers. Then, I realized I created many shelf buttons.

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment812 crumbly Tue, 09 Feb 2010 11:03:16 -0500 Hey CosmicBear and body,

Thanks guys (and/or girls), I'm glad you like my stuff.  And yeah body, I'd love to see what you've done with it.

Comment on abAutoRig by body http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment811 body Mon, 08 Feb 2010 15:47:12 -0500 Thanks man. Its the best autorig ive ever used!!!

Ill send you some results if you want.


Comment on abAutoRig by CosmicBear http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment810 CosmicBear Wed, 03 Feb 2010 12:59:28 -0500 After checking your tools out all day long I have to say, I think I'm in love! Thank you so much!!! Where do I send the presents to? ;)

Comment on abAutoRig by Scabyx http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment809 Scabyx Thu, 28 Jan 2010 15:28:52 -0500 Mail sent Master

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment808 crumbly Thu, 28 Jan 2010 09:59:32 -0500 Awesome!  I look forward to checking it out.

Comment on abAutoRig by Scabyx http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment807 Scabyx Thu, 28 Jan 2010 03:00:57 -0500 hello Crumbly

no problem, i made another solution for the hand, i will send it to you. It is worth to look at, i have modified som blends, and two controls. You will see how it is working. My animators like it very much.

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment805 crumbly Tue, 26 Jan 2010 17:10:23 -0500 Hey Scabyx,

No you're not doing anything wrong, that's how it works.  If you enable Align it should blend smoothly, but otherwise it snaps.  I know, it's annoying.  I tried to fix it a while ago, but got lost in a tangle of flaky constraints.

Comment on abAutoRig by Scabyx http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment803 Scabyx Wed, 20 Jan 2010 08:50:12 -0500 Hello Crumbly

Just a little question: If I blend between a posed fk arm, and ik, there is a snap in the wrist. Am i doing something wrong? I assume there will be a smooth blend between the two states in the wrist. Align is off.


Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment802 crumbly Mon, 18 Jan 2010 10:49:05 -0500 Hey Tii,

To switch the spine into IK mode you just set the "useRootSpace" attribute on the charName_spineHigh_ctrl, charName_spineMid_ctrl, and charName_hip_ctrl control curves to 1 (or "on").  Once you've done that they'll be parented to your charName_root_ctrl space.

Comment on abAutoRig by Tii http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment801 Tii Mon, 18 Jan 2010 05:02:12 -0500 I'm sorry for asking you a stupid question. I don't know how can I use Spine IK control for the backbone? I can use just only FK spine. Could you please tell me step by step? (with picture will be more than appreciate!)

Thank you very much in advance,

Comment on abAutoRig by Scabyx http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment800 Scabyx Sun, 17 Jan 2010 02:52:46 -0500 Master Crumbly,

Thank you for your kind words about the dogleg. No problem with the implementing. It will be done, when it's done :-D. Just a little help for organization:

Tyler Thornock dog hind leg tutorial

this is the step by step tutorial by Tyler where you could have a look when you reach it. In the meantime good luck to you all.


Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment799 crumbly Thu, 14 Jan 2010 23:05:17 -0500 Hey Scabyx,

Sorry, I meant to respond to your email sooner.

I checked out the dog leg, and I like it.  I  could see it opening up a whole new world of quadruped rigging.  Unfortunately I just don't have time to add it at the moment, and when I do get back to working on the script (whenever that is), there are a bunch of features set to go in before it.

So, I guess what I'm saying is, it will be a while (maybe more).

Comment on abAutoRig by Scabyx http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment798 Scabyx Tue, 12 Jan 2010 18:03:35 -0500 Hey Crumbly!!

Nice work again, everithing is perfect, and thanks again for the 3.0.5 foot implement. Btw.: Are you sucseeded to see the dog leg setup i have sent you?

Cheers from hungary

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment796 crumbly Wed, 30 Dec 2009 13:55:56 -0500 Hey D,

If you imagine the arm hierarchy (upArm, elbow, wrist joints) as the head of an arrow, the elbow should point to where the PV control is placed.  Is this the case in your setup?  If not, send me a copy of your skeleton and I'll see if I can figure out why it's not working.

Comment on abAutoRig by D http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment794 D Sun, 27 Dec 2009 05:52:30 -0500 Hey, Crumbly. What's going on with the Pole Vectors in the elbows? They are being placed in front of the rig rather than behind and causing a reverse elbow bend.

Comment on abAutoRig by RockerKing http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment790 RockerKing Wed, 09 Dec 2009 23:29:15 -0500 Ya, it's fixed. Thanks for the quick update.

Comment on abAutoRig by crumbly http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment789 crumbly Wed, 09 Dec 2009 22:58:11 -0500 Hey RockerKing,

I checked it out and, yeah...  it was a mess.  There were two functions with the same name and calls to another that didn't exist.  I must have been more than slightly sleep deprived that day.  

Anyway, it should be fixed now.  Try it out and let me know.

Comment on abAutoRig by RockerKing http://www.supercrumbly.com/3d.php?sid=173#comment788 RockerKing Wed, 09 Dec 2009 20:32:49 -0500 It doesn't work no matter which control cruve i click.  It'll state "Error: Cannot find procedure "abMakeFKIKSnapBnDataString" on the script editor. &nbs