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Save the Date

February 20th, 2006
A site for supporters of a local Children's Theatre to make reservations (or donations) for their annual fundraising gala. The look is based on Save the Date cards designed by my wife, Laura. This was my first time incorporating Paypal into a site, and I have to say that working with their developers center was pure unencrypted bliss.

Php Regex Tester

February 17th, 2006
I've been up to my ears in regular expressions lately, and although it's not the worst thing to be up to your ears in, I still like to ease my pain when I can. So I put together this regex test page in an effort to do just that. Unfortunately, I spent enough time building it that ultimately my pain was probably not eased in the least. But it still has the chance to ease yours, and that's what I'm all about. That and Rockin' out.

Goodbye old crew

December 15th, 2005
Spidernaut has a place in the hills that he feels like he hasn't been spending enough time at, FutureMan is planning on opening up his own sweet shoppe somewhere in Old Town(e), and Dead Artist just wants to sleep. The Thief in the background, bitter that his concept never made the cut in the first place, snuck into the picture unannounced (as thieves tend to do). The upshot of all this is that I decided to release them from their contracts and redesign the site. In the process I cleaned up the html and stylesheets that had, over a year or two of incremental changes, turned into a rickety old code jalopy. The original design (with the help of some cheap stand ins) can still be found [here](


July 25th, 2004
My own online photo gallery system. Built in PHP with a MySql back end, it's all about speed and versatility. You can have multiple galleries (groupings of photos) which themselves can be grouped together under albums. It has a commenting system, templates, and the tools to administer it all. But best of all, getting images into galleries is a piece of cake. All you have to do is use an ftp program (smartftp for windows is awesome and free) to drag and drop your images into the appropriate folder. Thumbs are generated automatically, and the newly updated photo shows up right where it should. You can download it if you're interested in trying it out. Requires PHP 4.3.8 or greater and MySql 4.0.20 or greater.

Declan’s Site

August 20th, 2001
A little site I built to announce the birth of my son. The hiccups are real (although somewhat overcompressed during downsampling in Flash) and were recorded during one of his many early attacks.

Media Center Enhancement

June 10th, 2001
An enhancement of the original Student Media Center page.

September 13th, 1999
A music review site I designed that unfortunately is no more. The frontpage included this little headache inducing gem.

K-2 Navigation Design

June 11th, 1999
My design (in HTML) for a proposed early elementary component of our product. Note the toxic green smog that the candy-like math machine is pumping out. Evil mathematicians...