flash archive


March 9th, 2003
A Flash based web site for a short film.

Crumbly Isle

May 17th, 2002
My slightly overcooked guestbook.

Fun with Playfair

September 24th, 2001
I came across this simple encryption algorithm, and thought itíd be fun to put together a little Flash (en/de)crypter.

Declanís Site

August 20th, 2001
A little site I built to announce the birth of my son. The hiccups are real (although somewhat overcompressed during downsampling in Flash) and were recorded during one of his many early attacks.

The Vault

December 13th, 2000
I built this thing to to hold all of the great stuff that I wanted to show off, and yet make very difficult to access. Iím not exactly sure what I was thinking...

Seasonal Front Page

October 3rd, 2000
The original design isnít mine, I just updated it for autumn and summer with a new color scheme and a bit of Flash. I'd ask you to ignore all but the top right 318 by 140 pixels of seasonal flash action.

ES Announcement

September 25th, 2000
A major upgrade announcement that was sent out to all of our existing customers.

Summer Front Page

July 12th, 2000
Though the original design isnít mine, I updated it for summer with a new color scheme and a bit of Flash. (Depending on the speed of your connection, you might have to wait a bit for the animation to begin.)