director archive

Letter Sounds

July 23rd, 2001
I was moved onto another project before I could finish this piece. I’d spent too much time on this one to let it just languish on my hard drive, so I spent the few hours it took to get it into a playable form (it’s still not complete).

Candy Count

February 4th, 2000
An enhanced, second grade version of Dinner Count. This piece wasn’t allowed on the product due to the overly spooky Halloween theme.

Dinner Count

November 4th, 1999
A first grade counting and addition game. Family style dining at its finest.


August 18th, 1999
A pen and paper quiz that I turned into an interactive “game.” This one could’ve used a helpin’ handful of user friendly. Oh well... It does mark my first easter egg, though. An appearance by a somewhat washed up former company mascot. It’s also got a game of pong at the end for those histogram masters who get a perfect score.


April 29th, 1999
A simple gameplay mechanic with a heavy Flash gloss. I really could have used a thesaurus of encouraging phrases on this one.

Points, Lines and Planes

November 4th, 1998
Evaluating the player’s guesses ended up being the most fun (and challenging) part of creating this interactive. And though it doesn’t have any instructions, it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out.

Tradeshow Loop

June 18th, 1998
I used Director 6.5 and its new (at the time) Flash import feature extensively on this project. Even though the feature was somewhat buggy, I enjoyed working on such a big project. Unfortunately, after weeks of work, the piece ended up never being used on a tradeshow floor.

Organic or Inorganic?

April 28th, 1998
One of my earliest Director games, this one helps kids learn the important lesson that senators are indeed organic.