3d still archive

Silo Beta 2 Doodles

October 24th, 2006
Some sketches I did in the first Silo 2.0 beta. When sketching with nothing particular in mind, I seem to default to lunkheads...

Random Guy

September 7th, 2006
A texturing, rendering, and Zbrush workflow exercise.

Ida Tharpe

September 8th, 2005
Still no clothes, but she's got some color.

Ida Tharpe

July 14th, 2005
Nevermind the arms, Ida needs hair and clothes.


July 12th, 2005
A little monster, or so his grandparents say.

Big Boy Running Treadmill Test

June 9th, 2005
Look, he's running on a low poly treadmill with no treads. Without a belt.

Big Boy Rigging Tests

May 22nd, 2005
A few random rig testing poses.

Big Boy Standing Slightly Confused in the Center of the Sun

May 2nd, 2005
It's blown out, and the model has changed a bit, but I like the colors.