Posts about subjects created in 2001

Graveyard Sketch

November 4th, 2001
A painting idea from my sketchbook that never ended up making the leap to illustration board.

Fun with Playfair

September 24th, 2001
I came across this simple encryption algorithm, and thought itíd be fun to put together a little Flash (en/de)crypter.

Declanís Site

August 20th, 2001
A little site I built to announce the birth of my son. The hiccups are real (although somewhat overcompressed during downsampling in Flash) and were recorded during one of his many early attacks.

Letter Sounds

July 23rd, 2001
I was moved onto another project before I could finish this piece. Iíd spent too much time on this one to let it just languish on my hard drive, so I spent the few hours it took to get it into a playable form (itís still not complete).

Media Center Enhancement

June 10th, 2001
An enhancement of the original Student Media Center page.