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short film (1)
A specific short film/book idea that I'm working on.
3d still (14)
Dudes who don't move.
illustration (13)
Pictures by me.
sketches (14)
Random bits of sketchiness.
mel scripts (34)
Useful tools I've written for Maya.
3d animation (7)
Movies and other bits of 3d fun.
news (16)
News of me.
html (7)
Various webpages I've done.
flash (8)
Web bling. Blingity bling bling.
director (8)
Interactives built in Macromedia Director... a long time ago.
tutorial (2)
I know a thing or two about a thing or two. Here's where I try to prove it.
wip (6)
Works in progress.
Illustration Friday (9)
See for the details.