Skating Away

June 16th, 2011

My Animation Mentor short film.

"Skating Away" was posted on June 16th, 2011 under 3d Animation.  It was created using 3d Coat, After Effects, Maya and Silo.

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June 24th, 2011 said:

friggin amazing, I really enjoyed watching this, really great job and great design  and look overall on the bg animation felt really nice all the way through great job

September 9th, 2011 said:

Hello there.

It's a wonderful animation. I am currently enrolling at AM as well. Before that and even until now, I have been using the abKeyWrangler script like every single day basic. Just come by to say hi and how much I appreciate your hardwork on these scripts. That helps the students like I am significantly.

Good luck and I hope you will have a great success.


May 14th, 2012 said:

Nicely done Brendan!

I can't believe I haven't seen this before! Of course, you know the high regard I have for abAutoRig and in fact ALL your script work. Keep up the good work!


May 24th, 2012 said:

Awesome man .Really great animation and overall end result .

just say it


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